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Heroin pressed into shapes of bullets.

Different colors & textures of Heroin.  Ranging from China White to Mexican black tar.


Color and Textures vary depending on how it is manufactured. Off-white heroin In this picture the piece of tar wrapped in aluminum equals about 1 gram. 
Mexican Tar weighing 5-8 ounces.  As the tar ages it turns from shiny dark to brown. 

Originally produced in 1874, it was thought to be not only non-addictive but useful as a cure for respiratory illness and morphine addiction, and capable of relieving morphine withdrawal symptoms. Later it was discovered to have the same pharmacologic effects as morphine and to be just as addictive. In many parts of the world, it is used as an analgesic (for relief of pain), particularly for the terminally ill. Although in the United States the manufacture and importation of the drug are prohibited and it is not used medically, heroin predominates in illicit narcotics traffic because it provides more potency for less bulk than morphine and is thus easier to smuggle.


Heroin is usually injected intravenously, but may also be injected intramuscularly or under the skin, smoked, or sniffed; effects last three to six hours. In some cases addicts gather in places called “shooting galleries,” often located in vacant buildings, which supply the necessary paraphernalia (e.g., hypodermic needle and spoon to heat and liquefy the heroin). Sharing of heroin needles significantly increases the risk of acquiring AIDS (from contaminated blood left in the syringe). Different distributors of heroin often assign “brand names” to their products to enhance rumors of their strength (“Death Wish,” “DOA” ) or effects ( “Evening's Delight,” “Magic” ). Because the drug's strength and purity are unmonitored, each administration brings with it the possibility of overdose, illness from contaminants, or death. Multiple drug use involving heroin is increasingly common and results in many emergency-room visits. For example “speed balling,” the use of heroin with cocaine intravenously, moderates the expected post-cocaine “crash.” Instances of overdose are also increasing among the growing group of middle-class users that emerged in the 1990s as a potent powdered heroin became available.


Antifreeze, big daddy, big H, big Harry, boy, brown, brown heroin, brown stuff, brown sugar, cabballo, carga, China man, crap, doje, downtown,  garbage, globo, "H", hard stuff, Harry, horse, junk, lemon dope, scag, and smack.  Mexican Tar heroin is variously known as tar, ball, black heroin, black tar, chocolate, gum, gumball, Mexican mud, mud, tar and tootsie roll. 



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